Smoke and Tobacco Free Campus

Alturas Elementary School is a smoke and drug/tobacco-free environment.  Usage of any of these substances is prohibited.

Closed Campus

AES is a closed campus. At no time should visitors or volunteers be on campus without a visitor's badge. Except for drop-off and pick-up, all visitors must take the most direct route from the parking lot to the front office and report to the school secretary for a visitor's badge before going anywhere else on campus. 

Health and Emergency

Parents and guardians must complete an emergency card and keep their child's/children's emergency information updated throughout the year with any changes in phone numbers and emergency contacts.In case of accident, injury or any other emergency, children will only be released to persons specified in the emergency contact information of the Aeries Database. If this person is identified as an emergency contact, but unknown to school personnel, he or she will be asked to show identification.  

Since students often become ill during the day and are not able to stay in school, it is essential that each parent/guardian fill out an emergency card, so the school personnel know where to reach a parent or other contact person during the school day. It is important that arrangements are made with a neighbor or relative to pick up the child and care for him/her if a parent cannot be reached.  This person must be listed on the emergency card.

During an actual emergency, you may not be able to reach the school by phone, as all staff will be involved in caring for the needs of the students. In the event of a local disaster or school emergency, school closure or evacuation, you will be notified by a Modoc Joint Unified School District staff member or the MJUSD message service as to where to reunite with your child. 

Even though statistics continue to show that a school is still among the safest places to be, we take the safety of the children entrusted to our care with the utmost seriousness. In order to prepare the staff and students at AES for the safe procedures and policies in place for such emergencies, we practice selected drills every month. Many drills are scheduled, but we also practice drills at unscheduled times. Should you enter the campus during a drill you may be asked to return to the parking lot or remain in the office. Should you be in the classroom, you are asked to follow the procedures under the direction of the classroom teacher. Emergency plans are important and taken seriously.