AES Behavior Expectation Matrix

Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

All the Time

-Stay where adults can see you
-Keep your hands and body to yourself
-Use all equipment and materials appropriately

-Use kind language
-Include others
-Use manners
-No hats in buildings
-Own your actions
-Follow adult directions


-Sit at assigned table until   
you're excused
-Walk at ALL times
-Keep hands, feet and personal items to yourself
-Use table manners
-Voice level 1-2
-Clean up after yourself
-Get ALL lunch items
 before you sit down
-Once seated, stay seated


-Walk at all times
-Keep your hands, feet and
 objects to yourself

-Voice level 0
-Walk on the right side of the hallway single file
-Use kind language
-Go directly to your
-Keep hallway clear
-Walk with a purpose
-Give others personal space

-Use material and
equipment appropriately
-Stay in your personal space

-Use kind language
-Be considerate
-Be positive
-Show kindness to others
-Voice level 0-2
-Enter respectfully
-Allow teachers to teach
and students to learn
-Do quality work
-Be a problem solver
-Be prepared


-Stay within boundaries
-Report problems and
injuries to the nearest adult
-Follow safety rules

-Use equipment appropriately
-Use good sportsmanship
-Use kind language
-Voice level 0-3
-Make good choices
-Be a problem solver
-Return to class at first
-Follow whistle language


-Use water and supplies
-Maintain personal space
-Give privacy to others
-Clean up after yourself
-Voice level 0-1
-Flush the toilet
-Wash your hands with
soap and water
-Return to class promptly


-Enter and exit carefully
-Stay in your seat
-Wear seatbelt 
-Follow directions
-Voice level 0-2
-Keep your body and
  belongings to yourself

-Clean up after yourself
-Speak appropriately
-Be ready for your stop