The school day for elementary students begins at 8:20 AM. The cafeteria will be open for breakfast at 7:50 AM.  Only students planning to eat breakfast should arrive at 7:50 AM. All other students should not arrive until 8:00 AM, as there is no supervision outside until 8:00 AM. For safety reasons, it is the parents' responsibility to see that children do not arrive earlier than 8:00 AM. Bus students are supervised from the time they arrive at 8 AM. 

Upon arrival, students in transitional and regular kindergarten should report to the classroom, and 1st through 5th graders should report to the playground or cafeteria.  We realize that sometimes both parents/guardians go to work early.  If this is the case, please make arrangements for your child(ren) to go to a relative, daycare, neighbor, or friend's house and come to school later.  Please don't just drop them off at the school.

During inclement weather we will have the school open at 8:00 a.m. and the students who enter the building will be asked to go to their respective classrooms.  

If your child needs to come into the building early for a particular health reason, please contact the office to make special arrangements. A medical note will need to be provided for health reasons.  Also, please see that your child(ren) are dressed for the conditions of the weather outside.

At the end of the school day students should proceed directly to the buses, or the parent pick up in the main lot. Students walking home should honor crosswalks and follow the guidelines set forth by the crossing guard. Children should not remain at school after their regular departure times. Supervision is not available unless the student is participating in a scheduled after-school activity. If this causes a difficulty, please consider enrolling your child in the Latchkey or SEALS After School Program. Student attending after school programs should report directly to the program after school. Parents should communicate all after school information to their child, so they clearly understand the directions and location. 
We kindly ask that visitors to the school use the parking spaces in parking lot. There is no parking along yellow or red curbs, in the bus loop, or in front of the office. Please allow plenty of time for dropoff/pick-up of students. You may drop off or quickly pick up at the red and yellow curbs in the parking lot area. Do not drop off or pick up your student in the drive through areas of the parking lot.  Remember that handicap parking is reserved for vehicles with authorized handicapped permits only. Handicapped parking is not to be used, even as a drop off area, except for those who display a handicapped license plate or placard.